An Update on the Next Examination Diet


Our online classes for the next examinations resume next week Monday, February 8, 2021. If you were a part of our programme for the December 2020 exams and you had a resit; we are sorry that happened to you. Your resit is on us, and you can take classes for the resit course for free. Send us a screenshot of your complete results, clearly showing your full name and student number.

We Appreciate You

Thank you for enrolling in our programme for the November 2020 examinations. We feel privileged that you chose us for that important task, and we hope that we made you happy. If you are mad at us for any reason, please do let us know; we’ll find a way to make it up to you. That said; we take your feedback seriously and are always making effort to improve. Expect to get an even better learning experience this Diet.

Pass Rates

The last Diet was our very first attempt at teaching CIPM classes completely online. When we started; we were not quite sure how it would work, or if it could work. Now we know that it works. We had 30 students last Diet, of which 24 wrote the exams. Of the 24 students who wrote exams; 18 students passed all their courses without any resit; 3 students had 1 resit, and 2 students had 2 resits or more. You may have noticed that this adds up to 23 students, not 24. That’s because one person refused to get back to us with her results.

We measure these data points in terms of our Complete Pass Rate [CPR] (i.e. the percentage of students who passed all their courses without any resit). For the November 2020 Diet; our CPR was 75%. Not bad for our first try, but that’s not where we focus our attention. We focus instead on the students who had resits, and we bleed for these people. We will do everything within our power to ensure they pass their resits on the next try, and they will not have to pay a Kobo to get the help they need.


Some people have asked us if we will now be switching to in-person classes. The answer is NO! We shall be sticking to our online model. We wrote about that here, so you should read it if you have not.


We shall be resuming classes for the next Diet on Monday, February 8, 2021. Registration is required; you can do so here. You can see our pricing for each stage of the examinations here. Please note that prices are fixed and non-negotiable, but we can let you pay in two installments if you are unable to pay the complete fee at once. Let us know if this is something you need.

Start Getting Ready

Thank you for trusting us with your professional education; we hope to keep proving ourselves worthy of that trust. Our mission is to help you reach your learning goals, and we can’t wait to continue serving you.