Let’s talk about money. If you read our previous post about why we’re sticking with the online model, one of the things we mentioned was that most study centres charge for online classes the same way they charge for in-person classes. We think this is broken, so we’re doing it differently. Here’s how we have priced our service for each stage of the CIPM examinations:

Price List

  • Intermediate I:

15k flat (includes PowerPoint and videos for all four courses).

NOTE: we have not actually started Intermediate I classes yet, because fewer people take that stage. We’ll do it if we can find enough people who show interest.

  • Intermediate II:

10k (PowerPoint materials alone)

15k (PowerPoint + videos)

  • Professional I:

20k flat (includes PowerPoint materials and videos for all five courses).

  • Professional II:

15k (PowerPoint materials alone)

20k (PowerPoint + videos)


One Resit Plus Current Course Load

Students who add one resit from a previous stage to their current course load have to pay an additional 5k for the resit. For instance, say a student enrolls in our programme for the PE II stage, but she has one resit from PE I and would like to add that resit to her course load. She will have to pay an additional 5k to her standard PE II fee to get access to the PE I course.

Two Resits

As you know; students who have two resits cannot proceed to the next stage, so they must write the two resits first and pass them before they proceed. In that scenario, the student will only be taking two courses. Our standard fee for two resits is 10k, including PowerPoint materials and videos for both courses, regardless of the examination stage.

Three Resits

Students who have three resits have to repeat the entire stage, even if they passed one course. Our standard fee for the examination stage in question applies, so refer to the price list above.

One Resit, No Additional Course Load

Some students are writing only one course, such as a PE II student who has one resit in any of the PE II courses, or a student in any other stage who chooses to write her one resit before proceeding to the next stage. The fee is 7k, including PowerPoint materials and videos for the one course.


If you enrolled with us when you had the resit(s), none of these resit prices apply to you. You will take classes for your resit course(s) completely free of charge. It’s on the house.


We try to make it as convenient for our students as we can, so we allow you pay in two installments if you are unable to pay the complete fee at once. Let us know if this is something you need.

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp if you have any questions, but note that these prices are fixed and non-negotiable. Our number is 0809 591 5015.