In a previous post; we wrote about why we’re sticking with the online model, and in a follow-up post to that; we explained our approach to online CIPM prep. You should read both posts if you have not. You can do so here and here. In this post; we talk about the progress we have made since we launched Ace CIPM.

How We Started

When we launched Ace CIPM on April 1st, 2020; we had not yet incorporated the company [Pro Tip: do not incorporate your company until you have a business that works]. We did not even register with the Institute as a study centre, even though we had been working at one for over five years. We also did not have a bank account, so students paid their fees into an account that we borrowed (of course we didn’t tell them that, LOL!). Instead; we decided to do what really mattered: test to see if we could teach CIPM classes completely online, in a way that was flexible, yet rigorous.

It turned out that we could. We know because our students told us so. Take Chisom, who had been struggling to take the examinations for two years. Each Diet she would try to study on her own using the study pack. Each Diet she would skip the exams, because she wasn’t confident she was ready. We helped her do it in 12 weeks. But that’s Intermediate II; could we also do it for PE I and PE II? And then we did, and it worked. As they say; the rest is history. From our initial cohort of five students (all of whom were in Intermediate II); we ended the November 2020 Diet with thirty students across Int II, PE I, and PE II. This stuff works!


CIPM’s guidelines for accreditation apply to study centres with at least fifty students. We expect to hit that threshold in the coming Diet, so we plan to complete our accreditation with the Institute this year. The Institute is already drafting new accreditation guidelines for online study centres, which we intend to comply with. We look forward to working with them to bring a better learning experience to candidates pursuing CIPM membership, regardless of their location.

What’s In a Name

Having found something that works; we have now incorporated our company with the Corporate Affairs Commission. And yes; we do have our own bank account now [as an aside, opening a business bank account in Nigeria is still surprisingly tedious. If you’re starting a bank; this is an area you should definitely explore]. We are Career Rocket, and our mission is to help professionals everywhere reach their learning goals. While we will continue to blog with the name Ace CIPM; we will now formally be known as Career Rocket Limited. Please use our new name when you talk about us, refer us, or tweet about us.

Social Media

We’re still working on setting up our social media; but you should follow us and we’ll definitely follow you back. We’re @thecareerocket on both Twitter and Instagram. We are not on Facebook, so do not give money to anyone there who claims to be us. There’s nothing happening on our social media pages just yet, because we’re too busy doing actual work to sit on social media all day. If you’re a social media badass or you know someone who is; do reach out. We can work out an arrangement that makes you happy.

Future Plans

We have a plan; we think it’s brilliant, and it just might work.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp if you have any questions; the number is 08095915015. We are always happy to help.